Your Kid CAN Swim! E-Book

A 10 Day Guide for Parents to Teach Swimming at Home with NO Flotation Devices.

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Have you ever wondered if YOU could actually teach your child to swim?

Are you confused by all the different swim lessons offered around you?

Are you afraid every time the weather starts warming up?

Have you experienced confusion about whether you should go to a swim birthday party or not?

On most islands in the world today, one of the first things a parent teaches their tiny baby is to swim. As a swim instructor who has worked with hundreds of kids. YES, your child CAN learn to swim, and you are completely capable of being the one to teach them! Through my professional experiences with many parents along the Mississippi Gulf Coast all the way to Rota, Spain, I have come to understand that every child, at any age, CAN learn to swim! No matter where YOU come from, what YOUR background is, or what YOUR child’s personality type is.

My child learned how to swim last year but forgot how to swim THIS year.  Did you find yourself jumping into the water this year thinking your happy swimmer would have fun, only to find that they cried or seemed to have FORGOTTEN everything they learned the year before?

Perhaps, you just cannot afford the investment of swim lessons right now.   If you enrolled in my private swim lessons it would cost you $600 and 6 weeks of commitment.  With this easy to read guide, the commitment is only $24.95, and you can work at your child’s pace.  After years of providing survival instruction to children, I have developed a method that will help you teach your child basic swim techniques that CAN get them swimming from the comforts of your home pool!

Are you faced with anxiety around swimming pools, lakes, oceans and swim parks when summer rolls around?  During my nursing career I have been faced with numerous children who have drowned or had near drowning experiences. The number one thing that always shocked me the most was that the child did not know how to swim, and many of their accidents were surrounding the failure of flotation devices.

Have you ever felt guilty about using flotation devices for your children because it seems much easier? When your kids REALLY know how to swim.  It is just as easy to let them swim with you as it is to strap on floaties.

You’ll need this E-book if you have found yourself seeking traditional lessons only to be disappointed when you invested the money, but your child could still not swim.  I too purchased traditional swim lessons for my first son. I left those lessons still extremely insecure in his skills, and with a recommendation from the teenage instructor to buy him some arm floats. In this simple guide, you will learn how to use all of my proven strategies to get your child swimming!

Dear Parents,

I understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the summer months creeping up and having a child that does not know how to swim! Trying to balance the struggles of a busy schedule and the desperation to keep your baby safe no matter the cost (or time) is something we all struggle with.

It became apparent that floaties were dangerous one day in July of 2012. My husband and I had some friends over that day to swim, and in a matter of seconds all of our lives were changed forever when three-year old Carter jumped into our pool unannounced and unassisted. He had removed his flotation device, unaware to anyone. Thankfully, we all noticed he was missing immediately, and pulled him out.  He was admitted to the children’s hospital for one night and classified as a drowning without fatality. We were shaken up for a while and I was consumed with daily fear and anxiety that I might somehow have to pull my baby from my pool. It was driving me crazy! I even asked our pool builder to fill in our pool.  Have you been there too?

Your Kid CAN Swim is the guide for you, then!

I decided we would not be a victim to a drowning if we could help it. Drowning is silent and can happen at arm’s length. This terrible tragedy really is a preventable tragedy! Are you ready for a change in your child’s swimming abilities?

Worry no more! After years of working with parents of young children and raising three children of my own.  I know all about the things that can make it difficult to commit to long swim lessons and the financial struggles involved.  Let me share with you my eight years of experience in the pool in this easy to read 10-day guide. Allow me to give you some tips and tricks on how to get your child swimming at home with no flotation devices.

You may be wondering who I am and what I can teach you, in order to help ease your mind and bring you peace around the water with your child?

My name is Allison Laney, I am the owner of Lil Shrimps Swim Academy. A premier survival swim school. Besides being a mother of three boys, and a survival swim instructor for the last eight years. I am also a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  For over a decade, I have worked with parents in the Emergency Department, who have had 20 seconds turn into the scariest moments of their life. I have taught hundreds of children how to survive in a water emergency. 

I want to help you avoid tragedy and provide you with your very own guidebook for swim lessons.

I created this comprehensive e-book, so you can navigate through teaching your child to swim with a trusted method that actually works! Your Kid CAN Swim, will help you to know what the next step is for your child depending on their age.  No child is to young or old to learn how to swim.  It’s time to give your family a strategy at mastering swimming without flotation devices. 


  • Use proven strategies to teach your child to swim.
  • Recognize when your child is ready to float.
  • Discover tips on how to get your little ones safe around the water.

 Included in this manual are tips on behavior, dry drowning, and some of my own personal stories.  

30-Day Money-back Guarantee 

Remember your order is completely RISK-FREE for an entire 30 days. Take action now, you’ll feel more confident than you’ve ever felt, knowing that you’ve finally figured out a way to teach your child to swim.