Q: How soon can my baby begin survival swimming lessons?

A: The sooner the better, and as early as 6 months old.  However, your child should be capable of rolling over on the floor to be able to learn how to rotate in the pool.  Children unable to roll over can only be taught breathe control and the back float.

Q: What can I expect my child to learn?

A: Results vary depending on the lesson bundle you choose.  Please refer to the lesson bundle page of our website which will outline skills achieved for each.  Also, please remember that everyone learns at different speeds and may require a few additional lessons.

Q: Will my child cry?

A: Some kids cry for all lessons, others only at first, and some not at all.  Often times they cry because we are making them do something other than what they want.  Rest assured, that your child’s safety is our number one priority and they quickly establish a confident relationship with their instructor.

Q: Should I get in the water with my child?

A: No. The emotional connection between parent and child can often be a barrier to effective learning and distract the child.  You should observe from a reasonable distance and not “hover” over your child or instructor.

Q: What should my child wear?

A: Children who are confidently potty trained can wear a normal swim suit.  Children still in diapers should wear a disposable swim diaper under their bathing suit.  Goggles are not recommended until your Lil Shrimp has completed lessons, then we highly recommend FROGGLEZ.

Q: Should my child eat prior to lessons?

A: No. Children should not eat 2 hours prior to lessons.  Lessons are vigorous and sometimes result in the child gulping air and water.  As this occurs, children are occasionally assisted in burping with “molar massage” which can result in triggering the gag reflex.  In short, your child will throw up if they have a full belly.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Towel, change of clothes, snack for after lesson, a positive attitude, and a smile

Q: When should I arrive?

A:  In enough time to prepare your children for his/her lesson.  There is no need to arrive early….just on time.  If you are late and someone else is ready we will swim them first.  Please do not be late.  We schedule lessons back to back and tardiness will back up our entire day.

Q: Should my child use a puddle jumper, floaties, or non-coast guard approved pool float when swimming for fun?

A: No.  During or upon conclusion of lesson when swimming for fun, parents should either swim with their children or supervise them closely to allow them to continue the skills they learn.  Our lessons are based on a horizontal body alignment as a foundation.  Puddle jumpers and floaties promote vertical body alignment which is critical for preserving life but contrary to efficient swimming.  Instructors can easily tell when students have been using floats that promote vertical alignment and it often increases the number of lessons needed to attain the survival skills.

Q: Which lesson should I sign up for if my child completed lessons with LSSA last year or already has some survival swimming experience.

A: While we always recommend your “Shrimp” complete a refresher each year, the decision is yours.  The more you sign up for, the better your “shrimp” swims (and better deal for you).